Eco Moyo Masterplan

project started

June 2019

project type and size


Description: Masterplan to map the school’s needs in short (1-3 years) and long term (10-15 years).The goal is to create a long-term flexible plan that can secure and enhance the qualities of the school area towards a sustainable future.

Materials: Locally resourced materials.

Energy: Self renewable energy.

Phase of the project: Sketch phase


More about Eco Moyo

A unique school in rural Kenya

Eco Moyo Education Centre is a private primary school, located 2 hours north of Mombasa, in a rural area called Ezamoyo.We follow the national curriculum and are registered with the Kenyan Private School Association.  Our teachers are certified by national standards and registered with The Teachers Service Commission.

As of 2019, 132 students from Dzunguni village receive free education. All students are provided with the following:

- Nutritious porridge for breakfast

- Uniforms and PE Kits

- Textbooks and all school material needed

Our ten acre plot includes the following facilities:

Four classrooms, four school toilets, sports field, office and storage room, staff room, school kitchen, three staff units for our teachers and a dormitory for 20 students from Mombasa (where we originally started the project).

"Pretty much every visitor is shocked by how secluded we are in the bush. All of a sudden, these incredible buildings appear, with bright colors and modern design. Kids playing, surrounded by lush trees and the sound of birds. No traffic or noise. People are  just blown away. And with reason. It´s a magical place."


Founder Lindsay Sanner



The idea is to enhance the already built in structures of clusters that are spread out in the landscape. For example the dormitory and kitchen form one cluster, the new kinder-garten classroom another. We are currently testing idea on how to make each clusters of buildings "self-sufficient" providing them with a courtyard with specific features depending on the cluster function.  

Themes that we will address in the final document: 

  • Analysis of existing situation

  • Future vision

  • Strategy

  • Zoning and connectivity

  • Landscape and nature

  • Infrastructure (water management, energy production, waste management)

  • Phasing and flexibility in time

The goal of the masterplan is to provide Eco Moyo with a document expressing the ambitions, aims and plans for future Eco Moyo in an easy-read and illustrative way.

Meet the team

Architect: Maria Riddervold

Architect: Maria Riddervold

Architect: Grete Lyche

Architect: Grete Lyche